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Tembo Kijani

Building Eco

Building Eco means that we use material that is locally available to save CO2-emissions from transport. It also means that we use materials with low CO2-emissions in their production and materials that can be recycled. Each building has been specially designed to blend in with the nature at Tembo Kijani.
The roof of each building at Tembo Kijani is a Makuti roof. If you are travelling around in Tanzania, you will notice them. Dry coconut leaves are collected by the villagers nearby and are made into the 'Makuti thatches'. The truss is constructed from light-weight sisal sticks, which are the waste of commercially farmed sisal plants. Among the advantages of using this local building technique, is that the Makuti roof encourages constant air flow and enables the emission of heat.
The Bush Bandas are designed to catch the breeze from the ocean, even though they are located in the thickness of the bush. Each one is built very light from farmed Teak wood, Hessian cloth and braided coconut leaves (locally called Kumba). Canvas drapes which can be opened are utilized instead of windows. The timber for the floor is farmed eucalyptus.
The Sea Bungalows are based on iron-hard wood poles, which hold the construction of logs. The floor is a mosaic of Tanga stones, that keep your feet cold in the hot African sun.